Haiku is the world’s shortest poem with three lines and 5-7-5 syllables.

Haiku is a snapshot, like a photograph.

Haiku is not an aphorism or a metaphor, but a description of something happening or a feeling.

Writing haiku poems is easy and cheapyou can do anywhere. All you need is a little inspiration and something to write with.


Haiku originates from Japan, where it has been written for hundreds of years. From Japan haiku has spread to the rest of the world.

Nowadays haiku is written everywhere and there are associations, competitions and all kinds of activities for haiku poetry.

Another Japanese poetry form is tanka, which contains 5-7-5-7-7 syllables.

More than a poem

Haiku is not only a poetry form, but also a wonderful way to express yourself, to lower stress levels and clear up thoughts.

The poems often contain humour and unexpected changes, which can provide you with creative solutions.


A combination of haiku and a picture is called a haiga. Here is an example: